Maintaining Scientific Integrity and High Research Standards Against the Backdrop of Rising Artificial Intelligence Use Across Fields

Fiona Morrison

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Startups Growth

Mohammad Sedaghati Jahromi

Open AI versus True Knowledge in Epidemiology: Double Blind Study    

Behnaz Nikoubin

Radiomics and Genomics in Brain Tumors: AI-driven Perspective

Kimia Kazemzadeh

Advancements in Cancer Stem Cell Detection with Artificial Intelligence: A Promising Perspective for Cancer Treatment

Mohammadreza MirzaeeGoodarzi

Chemoinformatics and AI: A Synergistic Approach for Drug Discovery

Kosar Zolfaghari

Making a Dialogue Between Meta-research and Medicalization Studies

Navid Ravan

Myths Came to Truth: A Historical Review of Mythical Stories That Have Been Proven True by Modern Medical Science.              

Amir Reza Mazandarani

History of Medicine and its Importance in Medical Education

Hamed Ahansazan

Diode Laser or Cold Plasma? Which Could Enhance Fibroblasts Proliferation More?

Helia Sharif

Beyond the Stratosphere: The Effect of Outer Space on Oral Tissues

Mobina sadat Zarabadi

Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes Modeled as Flügge Shell Theory: Poisson’s Ratio Influence

Muzamal Hussain

Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste: A Promising Pathway to a Sustainable Future

Maryam Sadat Tonekaboni

Prospects for the Use of Different Plant-based Milk Alternatives for the Manufacture of Fermented Beverages and Ice Cream with Adaptogenic and Probiotic Effects           

Natalia Iakovchenko

Cancer Vive

Sahel Noorikoloori

Non-Coding RNAs in Cancer: Potential Roles and Delivery Strategies

Alireza Sarkar Lotfabadi

Long-term Environmental Metal Exposure is Associated with Hypomethylation of CpG Sites in NFKB1 and Other Genes Related to Oncogenesis

Ani Stepanyan,

Engineered Antimicrobial Peptides Inhibit Cell Viability, Promote Apoptosis and Induce Cell Cycle Arrest in SW620 Human Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells

Sheema Hashem

The Ketogenic Diet and the Increase the Response to Treatment in Colorectal Cancer: With Targeting Kirsten-ras (KRAS)

Elahe Aleebrahim-Dehkordi

Exosomes as Drug Delivery and Diagnostic Modality in Cervical Cancer

Mohaddese Pourashoury

The Effect of Hypoxia-induced Metabolic Alterations on Chemoresistance in Breast Cancer

Hana Tahmouresi

Production of Nanoprotein Containing Exosome and Natural Human Blood Cell Proteins for Treating Lupus: A New Approach in the Treatment of This Autoimmune Disease

Rahele Khosravi Nessiani

Study the Demographic Features and Clinical Outcomes of Children Admitted to Children’s Medical Centre with Opioid Toxicity from 2019 to 2022

Mehrnaz Olfat

The Impact of Conventional Smoking Versus Electronic Cigarette on the Expression of VEGF, PEMPA1, and PTEN in Rat Prostate

Milad Akbarzadehmoallemkolaei

The Effect of Melatonin, Diosmin, And Their Synergistic Effect on Antioxidant Indices in Testicular Tissue Following Acrylamide Consumption in a Rat Experimental Model

Seiedeh Reihaneh Banihashemi

Understanding Presenilin-1 Expression in Parkinson’s Disease: A Cellular Model Approach

Ramyar Rahimi Darehbagh

Alzheimer’s Disease Hypotheses; Complementary or Contradictory?

Foad Mirzaei

Epi-Longevity Review: Exploring Immortality Potential Through Epigenetic Studies

Tara Shahmoradi

Open Versus Minimally Invasive Morgagni Hernia Repair in Pediatric Surgery

Dorsa Safari

Surgical Technique A New Technique for Superficial Limbus Harvest Using an Automated Microkeratome and a Novel Globefixation System

Zahra Bibak Bejandi

Outcomes of Coronavirus Disease 19 Patients with a History of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Retrospective Registry-based Study in Iran

Mahsa Zargaran

Intestinal Ischemia Following COVID-19: A Multicenter Case Series

Elahe Meftah

Effects of Prophylactic or Therapeutic Dose of Enoxaparin on Overall Survival in Severe COVID-19 Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Mohammad Reza Fattahi

The Silent Pandemic: Novel Therapeutics for Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance as a Global Burden          

Pegah Niktalab

A Potent Trivalent Multi-Epitope DC-inducing mRNA-based Vaccine Against Monkeypox, Cowpox, and Vaccinia Viruses Using Immunoinformatics Approaches

Kiarash Saleki

Essential Immune Signaling Against COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis on Inborn Errors of Immunity                

Saba Fekrvand


Incidence of Mental Disorders During COVID-19 Pandemic in Patients with Autoimmune Arthritis: A Systematic Review

Azin Eslami

Pediatric Bell’s Palsy Following COVID-19 Infection or COVID-19 Vaccination

Atousa Moghadam Fard

Hypermethylation of RUNX3 Gene Promoter in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Maryam Fakhri

NLRP3 in Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Niloufar Yazdanpanah

NLRP3 Inflammatory Pathway: Can We Unlock Depression?

Ghazaleh Ghaffaripour Jahromi

Virus-Like Particles (Vlps) from Synthesis to Targeted Drug Delivery, Vaccine Approaches, and Gene Therapy

Alireza Bolouriyan

Advancements in Multi-Epitope Vaccine Development for Multiple Sclerosis: An Innovative Approach

Parsa Alijanizadeh

Microbial Infections Can Trigger Neuro Autoimmunity

Hesam Malekfarnood

Role of Long Non-coding RNAs in Aging

Saghar Rouzrokh

Pyogenic Arthritis, Pyoderma Gangrenosum and Acne (PAPA) and PAPA-Like Syndromes: Systematic Review of the Literature

Amirhossein Hajialigol

The Melody of Life (Art and Science)

Niloofar Ziadali

Bioart: The Moment Art and Biotechnology Collide with One Another

Reihaneh Golroo

Doctors Without Borders, Representatives of Peace in Medicine

Rojina Kakaei

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine: Discovering More Factors for Health Maintenance

Niusha Esmaealzadeh

From Traditional Medicine to Modern Therapeutics: A Novel Approach to Treating Anxiety and Stress

Subhrajit Barua

The Effect of Digital Storytelling (DS) on Patients with Cancer: A Narrative Review

Mahshad Naserpour

Effects of the Mother Language on the Connectivity in the Brain

Nazanin Abbasi

The Use of Gamification as a Solution-based Oral Health Promotion for Non-dental Providers. A Non-Randomized Trial

Leyli Shadman

Transforming Healthcare Delivery: The Role of Telemedicine in the COVID-19 and Post-Pandemic Era

Seyedeh Saba Sajadi Tabar

Will Telemedicine be Continued in Pediatric Surgery After COVID-19 Pandemic?

Negin Jarrah

The Perspectives of Medical Students on the Attributes of the Role Models at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Negar Sadat Ahmadi

Investigating the Life Expectancy of People with Breast Cancer and Neoplastic Meningitis in the World

Zeynab Zahedi