The USERN Prize Laureates 2020
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In-Person Scientific Program

Opening Session

Nobel Laureate Talk:

Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Carcinogenicity of Opium consumption in Human

Reza Malekzadeh, Iran

From the Origin of the Universe to the Origin of Life: The Latest Scientific Views

Bahram Mobasher, USA

Professionalism in Science

Ali Jafarian, Iran

Evidence-Informed Policy Making for Sustainable Health Development

Amirhossein Takian, Iran

“Do Science” Rather Than “Learn Science”: How to Creating an Educational Environment

Lee Hartwell, USA (Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine)

Gradients, Singularities and Interatomic Potentials: From Nanomaterials to Tissues and Cells

Elias C. Aifantis, Greece

Stem Cell to Society

Amir Ali Hamidieh, Iran

Cell-Mimicking Carriers for Drug Delivery: A New Paradigm with a Bright Future

Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi, Finland

Guanylate-Binding Proteins 2 and 5 Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Infectivity

Daniel Sauter, Germany

P-values and Effect Sizes

Serge Brand, Switzerland

How Interactive Art Implements Scientific Research Both for Data Collection and Dissemination

Paola Lopreiato, Italy

Apuleius’ Philosophy of Curiosity in Education: Building an Education of Philosophy

Amine Harbi, Algeria

Evidence-Informed Policy Making for Sustainable Health Development

Amirhossein Takian, Iran

Multidisciplinary Approach to Fetal Surgery

Alireza Shamshirsaz, USA

Social Brain

Dena Bahmani, USA

Nurse and Nursing for Humanity (Nursing is art and science)

Ş.Dilek Güven, Turkey

The Push of Ulysses for the Construction of the Future

Massimo Capaccioli, Italy

The Role of Biosensors in Modern Human Life and Interdisciplinary Design for Future

Farnoosh Faridbod, Iran

Question & Answer Panel

In-Person USERN Keynote Lectures (UKL)

Junior Talks and mTalks (English and Persian)

UT-Med: Focused on traditional medicine

U-Dent: Theoretical lectures and practical workshops Focused on dentistry

U-Pharmacy Program: Focused on pharmacology with Educational workshops

In-Person Workshops

Meet The Expert

InnoUSERN: Practical workshops Focused on creativity and entrepreneurship

U-Debate: Debates and Panels by USERN Stockholders

Science and Art Festival: Art Performance Competitions

USERN Official Meetings (USERN Advisory Board Meeting)

Welcoming The Ambassadors in Mirror Hall

The 6th International Festival of Paintings for Pediatric Patients (IFPPP)

Appreciation of Top mTalk, JTalk, and SciArt Presenters

Announcement of USERN Laureates 2020 in 5 Fields

Announcement of The Host for USERN Congress 2021

Closing Ceremony and Group Photo

Loss of Traditional Medicine Knowledge: Consequences and Opportunities

Roy Upton, USA

“Quarantine” – The Word Coined by Abu Ali Sina

Amina Ather, Germany

Science Based SMEs: A Reply to Social Needs for CAM Products

Abdolali Mohagheghzadeh, Iran


Arman Zargaran, Iran

Chinese Medicine in Chinese Society

M. Hossein Ayati, Iran

Role of Traditional Medicine in Healthcare Delivery

Syed Mohd Abbas Zaidi, India

Traditional Medicine, A Multidisciplinary Approach to Integration of Science

MohamadReza Shams Ardekani, Iran

Finding Needles in Haystacks; Systems Biology Techniques in Drug Discovery

Pouya Faridi, Australia

Multidimensionality and Complexity of Integration: An Inquiry to Creative and Metacognitive Problem-Solving Through Logos-Bios Paralogue

Majid Anushiravani, Iran

Persian Medicine Approach to Integrative Medicine

Hossein Rezaeizadeh, Iran

Traditional Medicine and Conventional Medicine: Coexist Paradigms in Medical Community

Mehrdad Karimi, Iran

Indigenous Knowledge or Universal Discipline (Science)? The role of The Culture-Based Basis of Traditional Medicine in Integrating Modern Medicine with The Humanities and Social Sciences

Ghasem Darzi, Iran

Basic relaxation techniques

Serge Brand

Artificial intelligence for Physics Research and Physics Research for Artificial Intelligence

Tommaso Dorigo

Scientific Writing

Shahin Akhondzadeh

Research Design and Codes of Practice

Benjamin Sovacool

Publishing Books With Elsevier

Linda Versteeg-Buschman

Systems Biology

Farshid Noorbakhsh

Critical thinking for transformative research

Shirin Moossavi

Investigating the brain with Explore DTI

Alexander Leemans

Bioengineering as a Vehicle to Increase the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Lisa Bosman

Scientific Virtual Program (November 7th-14th, 2020)

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Zanjan Office of USERN)

The Role of Transdicisplinary Science in Times of Pandemics and Climate Change

Ortwin Renn, Germany

Technological Systems in Post-Pandemic World

Christopher Ryan Maboloc, Philippines

Deconstructing Wisdom for The Post-Pandemic World

Igor Grossmann, Canada

The Role of Pharmacovigilance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Liz Veramendi, Peru

Pandemics and the Citizens Need for a Holistic View of Planet Earth

Clara Vasconcelos, Portugal

Role of Quantum and Nanoscience in Food Security for the Post-COVID19 New World

Seeram Ramakrishna, Singapore

Education and Training During a Pandemic

Jan Nouwen Nouwen, The Netherlands

The Impact of Pandemic on Geriatric Mental Health

Peyman Raoofi, USA

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Hormozgan Office of USERN)

A Network Physiology Approach to Medicine: Lessons from Complex Diseases

Alireza Mani, UK

Personalized Medicine: The Future of Preventive Healthcare System

Shahram Shahabi, USA

Tissue Inflammation: From Cell to Disease in Different Ethnicities

Mehdi Mirsaeidi, USA

Personalized Medicine Tailored for Immunodeficiencies

Hans Ochs, USA

CD8 Treg in Health and Disease

Sudhir Gupta, USA

Extracellular Vesicles for The Treatment of Inoperable Coronary Disease: A Future Option or Another Regenerative Failure?

Frank Sellke, USA

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Abadan Office of USERN)

Autoallergy: Current Concepts and Emerging Therapies

Amir Hamzah Abdul Latiff, Malaysia

The Impact of Environmental Factor on the Allergic Disorders in Children

Jiu-Yao Wang, Taiwan

HIV Cure Approaches From Bench to Bedside

Tokameh Mahmoudi, The Netherlands

Transdisciplinarity in The Clinic and Research of Inborn Immunity Errors

Carolina Prando, Brazil

Targeted Therapies for the Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

Safa Baris, Turkey

Genetic Predisposition to Infections

Emmanuelle Jouanguy, France

Newborn Screening: An Ethical Dilemma

Antonio Condino-Neto, Brazil

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Iran Mall Book Garden, Tehran)

Working in the Interdisciplinary Areas of Public Health Research and Education: Promises and Perils

Alireza Ahmadvand, Australia

The Importance of the Education in Sciences

Ekaterini Goudouris, Brazil

Strategies in Medical Education for Basic and Clinical Sciences

Juan Carlos Aldave Becerra, Peru

Deconstructing Hate Speech in Social Science Teaching: Theoretical and Methodological Bases for Democratic Citizenship Education

Delfín Ortega-Sánchez, Spain

The Danger of Pseudoscience and Science Denialism to Society

Kiarash Aramesh, USA

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Shahrekord Office of USERN)

The Art and Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Umberto Crisanti, UK

New Targets in Neuropathic Pain Pathophysiology

Livio Luongo, Italy

Brain Dynamics and Flexible Behaviors

Lucina Uddin, USA

Identification of Novel Mechanisms of Neuronal Death in Alzheimer’s Disease Offers New Hope for New Therapies

Eftekhar Eftekharpour, Canada

Medication Development for Drug Addiction: Novel Gut-Brain Neuroendocrine Targets

Mehdi Farokhnia, USA

Mental Health and Society

Orkideh Behrouzan, UK

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Shiraz Office of USERN)

Aquaculture Side Streams as Source of Nutrients and Antioxidant Bioactive Compounds

Francisco J. Barba, Spain

Globalization and The Pandemic of Human Obesity: Finding The Legal Reason for a Symptom of Cultural Decline

Joseph Garske, Italy

Precision Nutrition in Obesity

Alfredo Martínez, Spain

Clinical Implications of Gut Microbiota

Nikrad Shahnavaz, USA

Creating a Path for Healthy Sustainable Diets

Walter Willett, USA

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Isfahan Office of USERN)

Spatial Profiling of The Tumor Microenvironment to Identify Biomarkers of Therapy Response

Arutha Kulasinghe, Australia

Macrophage-Cancer Cell Fusion and Hybridization: The Driving Force in Solid Tumor Metastasis

John Pawelek, USA

Statins and Cancer: Is It A Possible New Combination Therapy Strategy?

Saeid Ghavami, Canada

New Translational Approaches to Understand Skin Immunology

Mehdi Rashighi, USA

Current Challenges in Organ Transplantation

Reza Saidi, USA

Immunobioengineering in Therapy and Regeneration

Mohammad Mahdi Hasani-Sadrabadi, USA

Small Molecule Immune Potentiators Targeting TLRs for the Development of Novel Chemoimmunotherapy and Vaccine Adjuvants

Deepak Salunke, India

Introduction and Virtual Social Program (Shahid Beheshti Office of USERN)

Integrated Socratic Education…An Improved Paradigm

Brian Lighthill, UK

Current Strategies for Addressing the World’s Leading Cause of Death: Coronary Artery Disease

Armin Arbab-Zadeh, USA

Only Trans-Inter-Multidisciplinary Approach Can Solve Complex Problems in Medicine, Public Health, and Earth

Shuji Ogino, USA

Revolutionary and Unparalleled Impact of PET Imaging on Research and Day to Day Practice of Medicine

Abass Alavi, USA

Microscopy with UV Surface Excitation (MUSE) for Slide-free Rapid Examination of Surgical Pathology Specimens

Amir Qorbani, USA

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