Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Scientific programs will be held in a hybrid model during 8th-12th Nov 2022, both virtual and in-person. This year, the congress will take place in Muscat, Oman.

Workshops and Meet The Expert Event will be held in a hybrid model, Both virtual and In-Person.

A participant will have a great opportunity to meet top 1% scientists in-person, talk to them, join workshops, enjoy art performances, and more importantly, they have a unique opportunity to present as “USERN Junior Talks”

Yes, USERN will issue certificate of participation for each and every participant.

The theme of the 6th USERN congress is “Contemplate the Universe, Discover the Science”.

Top scientists in Mathematics and computer science, Physics, medicine, chemistry, biology, and life sciences will present their valuable lectures with the main subject of the unknown sides of the science.

English is the speaking language in the USERN lectures and workshops.

Regardless of academic major and position, every single person who is interested in scientific lectures can join us in the 7th International USERN congress.

Registration for in-person attendance covers full participation in the scientific lectures, opening ceremony, Prize Awarding Festival, and coffee breaks. 

Registration for virtual attendance covers three days of webinars. 

No, only delegates who registered for the in-person program are eligible to register for workshops and Meet the Expert sessions. 

Unfortunately, not. We may introduce a few hotels nearby, but the participants are responsible for their own accommodation.

Cancellation is possible based on cancellation and reimbursement policy. Please contact the registration team for more information. 

  1. You should fill the registration form. 
  2. Filling the form is primary registration.
  3. After a few days our colleagues in registration team will contact you in order to confirm your registration plan.
  4. Please check your email regularly.
  5. Then, you should pay the registration fee and inform our colleagues.
  6. You will receive a confirmation for your registration.

You can access to our registration team via this email:

Our colleagues will do their bests to respond you in 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

About the USERN

The USERN stands for the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network.

USERN is a non-profit organisation that is organised exclusively for the advancement of authentic, ethical, and professional scientific research and education and consequently the advancement of science for non-military purposes and the public good.

We envision a reliable network of universally validated resources including ideas, facilities, human, financial, and educational resources in order to launch and facilitate authentic, ethical, and professional scientific research intended to improve human life.

Our mission is to provide scientific and technical infrastructure in order to universally:

    1. Validate ideas, facilities, human, financial, and educational resources and determine their scientific credibility and reliability
    2. Classify and grade ideas, facilities, human, financial, and educational resources
    3. Improve ideas, facilities, human, financial, and educational resources
    4. Connect and share ideas, facilities, human, financial, and educational resources considering their scope and their grades and establish their collaboration
    5. Allocate facilities, human, financial, and educational resources to ideas with the most important for the improvement of human life

You Can Register on the USERN website through the following link: Click Here to Register

There are more than 500 top 1% scientists, including 19 Nobel/Abel Laureates, who serve as its advisory board members. Indeed there are more than 18000 academic members from more than 120 countries who had the chance to publish more than 1000 scientific papers during the last 6 years.

The registration is free, and you could simply log in after registration!

Advantages of being a member of USERN:

    • Having the chance of experiencing the science without border
    • Providing facility and human resources through USERN
    • Making your own scientific interest group(s)
    • Conducting interdisciplinary scientific projects
    • Organizing USERN meetings with colleagues in your field
    • Having your own page to publish your CV
    • Growing your scientific tree
    • And be affiliated, once you feel that it becomes your 2nd scientific home!

The first step is to register on the USERN website.

A list of active groups is available on the interest groups page (

By Clicking on the name of each group, their own profile will be shown up.

By checking the proposal of each group on their page you might be interested to send your resume to the email address of the closest group to your field of interest and ask to join.

The email address of each group is on their page.

The username that you have chosen for your profile during the registration on the USERN website is your USERN ID.

If you have previously registered on the USERN website, you can search your name in the ” Search People” at the top of the USERN first page and enter your profile, then in the browser’s sidebar and at the end of the link, your username is shown up. Please remember that For logging in to the website you have to enter your username NOT your Email.

If you have forgotten your password, you should use the “Forgot your password?” button and enter your email. An email containing a link to reset your password will be sent to you. You can then login with your Username and the new password.

Pay attention! For logging in to the website you need a Username and for resetting your password you have to enter your Email.

If your problem persists you can go to the Contact Us page and write your problem. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

The minimum size for profile picture is 250 pixels × 250 pixels. If the uploaded image is smaller than 250 px × 250 px, you will encounter the message “it is too small”. After Choosing the profile picture you have to click the button “Upload” and the “Save” to keep your changes saved.

You can easily type your CV or Copy and paste it from your previously written resume.

You should click the “save” button once your edit is finished to keep your last edits in your profile.

USERN is established on a safe and certain platform. Your private data such as phone number and email will be kept confidential unless you write them on your public profile. In addition, in the “Privacy” part when editing your profile, you can remove a tick from the check box of items that you did not want to be displayed publicly.

By adding your Mentors, mentees, and colleagues you can grow your scientific tree.

You shall search their name on the website in the ” Search People ” box, if they have registered on the USERN website before, their profile will be shown to you. By entering their page, at the top right corner, you can click on the “Add as your ” button and you can choose Mentee, Mentor, or Colleague based on your situation. Once the other person accepts your request, their name will be displayed on your pedigree and vice versa.

if you did not find your answer, you can ask your question here:

You can reach us everywhere!

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