The 6th International USERN Congress

Prize Awarding Festival

November 6-13, 2021

Organized by Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN)

The USERN Congress booklet is now available to explore what happened in the USERN Congress 2021

The USERN Prize Laureates 2021

Formal Sciences

Xudong Zhao, China

Control synthesis of switched systems

Physical and Chemical Sciences

Minghao Yu, Germany

Developing sustainable energy storage devices with resource-aboundant raw materials

Biological Sciences

Federico Bella, Italy

From air to fertilizers: zero-impact agriculture of the future

Medical Sciences

Hassan Abolhassani, Sweden

Integrative Multi-Omics Analysis of Unsolved Common Variable Immunodeficiency

Social Sciences

Daniel King, Australia

Empowering vulnerable populations to overcome unhealthy gaming habits and gaming disorder

Scientific Program at a Glance

  • Opening Session
  • Miniature Talk Presentations 
  • Nobel Laureate Talk: Step Towards Life: Chemistry 
    • Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • Gathering Session With mTalk Winners 
  • Webinar Panel: Formal Sciences
  • USERN Workshop
  • Junior Talk Session (Part I) 
  • Junior Talk Session (Part II) 
  • Meet The Expert: Prof. Nima Rezaei, Iran 
  • Webinar Panel: Physical and Chemical Sciences 
  • USERN Workshop
  • U-Debate Session 
  • Inspirational Lecture (Persian): Prof. Bahram Mobasher
  • The Announcement of U-debate, mTalk and Junior Talks Winners 
  • Meet The Experts: Prof. Bahram Mobasher, USA 
  • Webinar Panel: Biological Sciences 
  • USERN Workshop 
  • Virtual Poster Presentation (Part I) 
  • Virtual Poster Presentation (Part II) 
  • USERN Workshop 
  • Webinar Panel: Environmental Sciences 
  • Meet The Expert: Prof. Hans Ochs, USA
  • Opening Ceremony of IBB And Keynote Lectures 
  • The 6th USERN Prize Awarding Festival 
  • USERN/IBB virtual Program and The NIAID-MENAT 
  • Immunodeficiency Symposium 
  • USERN Workshop: System Biology 
  • Virtual Lectures: Medical Sciences 
  • USERN Meet the Expert: Prof. Armin Arbab-Zadeh, USA 
  • IBB Keynote Lecture: Challenges on Immunodeficiencies 
  • USERN-IBB Junior Talk (Part I) 
  • USERN-IBB Junior Talk (Part II) 
  • Virtual Plenary Session (IEIs throughout the lifetime) 
  • USERN Workshop 
  • Virtual Lectures: Psychoneuroimmunological Sciences 
  • IBB Keynote Lecture: Clinical Immunology 
  • Opening Session of HiMed 2021 
  • Closing Ceremony, Junior Scientist Presentations 
  • USERN Workshop 
  • Virtual Lectures: Social Sciences 
  • Meet The Expert: Prof. Abass Alavi, USA 
  • USERN Workshop 
  • Virtual Lectures: Integrated Sciences 
  • Meet The Expert: Prof. Alireza Shamshirsaz, USA 
  • HiMed Program

Scientific Virtual Program

Satellite Events

  • Working Memory: A Friendly Q&A Discussion __________________________________________ Prof.Alan Baddeley
  • Scientific Writing ________________________________________________________________ Dr. Meisam Akhlaghdoust
  • Microbiota News in the Neuroscience Research__________________________________ Prof. Seyed Davar Siadat
  • Research in Neuroscience _______________________________________________________  Dr. Khadijeh Esmaeilpour
  • Principles and Application of Spirometry in Health and Diseases ______________________ Dr. Rasoul Ghasemi
  • An Overview on the Microbiota and Immunity in COVID-19  ____  Dr. Hanieh-Sadat Ejtehad, Dr. Sara Ahmadi
  • Food and Drug Interactions ________________________________________________ Dr. Zahra Vahdat Shariatpanahi
  • Application of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine _______________________________ Dr. Mahboubeh Bohlouli
  • Medical Futility  ______________ Dr. Alireza Bagheri, Dr. Mehran Kouchek, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Sadeghian
  • Electrospun Nanofibers as a Versatile Platform in Biomedical Applications _________ Dr. Kobra Rostamizadeh
  • Real-World Evidence for Drug Safety, in Pharmacoepidemiology Research & Big Data ___ Dr. Payam Peymani
  • Bridging Novel Cancer Therapy Approaches to Regenerative Medicine _________ Dr. Mohammad Ali Shahbazi
  • Some Aspects of the Important Role of Selenium in Molecular & Clinical Medicine ___  Prof. Alireza Ranjbar
  • Paper Writing & Critical Appraisal Skills ________________________________________________  Dr. Mansour Rezaei
  • Build a Professional Network __________________________________________________________ Dr. Somayeh Soltani
  • How to Evaluate the Validity and Reliability of Scales __________________________________ Dr. Mansour Rezaei
  • Build a Successful Team; What is a Team, Team Dynamics, and … _____________________ Dr. Somayeh Soltani
  • Research Methods _____________________________________________________________________  Dr. Mansour Rezaei
  • Workshop: PCR _________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Niloufar Neisi
  • Workshop: Western Blot _________________________________________________________________ Dr. Niloufar Neisi
  • Workshop: Flow Cytometry ______________________________________________________________ Dr. Niloufar Neisi
  • Workshop: How to interpret Chest CT _______________________________________________________  Dr. Reza Jian
  • Workshop: Hypertension  ___________________________________________________________ Dr. Samaneh Hashemi

HiMed Meeting

Entangled Histories: Contributions of Iran and Turkey to the development of medical sciences

  • Welcome Message  In-Person/ Online Opening Session of HiMed 2021 
  • History of Anti-vaccination 
  • From Shiraz to Sivas; the Scholar in Travel 
  • Qutb al-Din Shirazi in his Medical Autobiography 
  • Hakim Mohammad, the Persian military surgeon in the courts of the Safavid and Ottoman Empires 
  • Iran and Turkey along the Silk Road, a historical perspective 
  • Idris Bitlisi and the prevalence of historiography in the Ottoman Empire 
  • Ali Ibn al-Tabari and Firdaus al-Hikmah, a historical report on the knowledge of medicine in Iran 
  • Avicennian experience: Rationalizing the scientific method while approaching the modern method of experiment 
  • The relation between the eye and the heart in ancient Persian texts 
  • Şerefeddin Sabuncuğlu: The legendary surgeon of the Ottoman empire; a brief review of his surgical practice
  • The role of Iran and Ottoman Empires in the establishment of the health organization in France in the year 1920 AD 
  • Virtual Workshop: Overview of Philology and Codicology for Historians 
  • Between the Old and the New: Ottoman Physicians Meet “New Medicine” in the 18th Century 
  • Four foundation of Islamic Medicine throne: Persian, Yunani, Indian, and Anatolian Medicine 
  • Examination, treatment and medical education in Seljuk hospitals in Anatolia 
  • Iranian physicians in the Ottoman Empire 
  • Reasons for the migration of diseases in the border cities of Iran and Ottoman during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah 
  • Qarabadins in Islamic civilization: from the Ottoman Empire to India 
  • Ibn al-Nafis’s Mūjaz al-Qānūn fi al-Tibb and its manuscripts in Turkish libraries 
  • The relation between Persian Medicine and national identity 
  • The importance of Soleimani’s advice book written by Mohammad Hakim bin Mubarak 
  • Spanish flu and its role in the fall of the two Ottoman and Qajar governments in the early twentieth century 

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